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Recently on our social media channels, we highlighted our four manufacturing locations and the products we make there. We’re proud to deliver quality, American-made products to the automotive, construction, home improvement, retail, and medical industries.

Our Petoskey, Michigan manufacturing location was where it all started. Operations began in 1969; in 1976, we expanded and relocated to our current facility.

We first ventured into recycled plastics in our Petoskey facility in 1978. It wasn’t until three years later that the company purchased its first computer!

In Petoskey, we manufacture contour automotive seat covers, contractor bags, can liners, dental chair covers, hospital gowns, and medical bags, to name a few products. When the initial COVID-19 waves caused a shortage of personal protective equipment, the Petoskey plant took on the challenge of producing medical gowns. In 2022, we committed to delivering high-quality medical gowns and installed a state-of-the-art gown line.

Made in Petoskey – Contour Seat Covers, Contractor Bags, Medical Bags

In 1999, we purchased our second location in Morristown, Tennessee. An offset printing press was added to print 4-color paper floor mats in 2004, and an additional four extrusion lines were added during the recent 2018 expansion.

We make products like Slip-N-Grip® aftermarket seat covers and tire bags, painter’s plastic, automotive body-shop sheeting, contractor bags, plastic & paper floor mats, draw tape, and roll stock for converting here. In 2021, Morristown became our first location to manufacture our new GreenPE® Shrink™ Film product line.

Made in Morristown – Seat Covers, Tire Bags, Floor Mats, Painter’s Plastic, Contractor Bags

Hartford City, Indiana was the next to join the Petoskey Plastics family in 2006. Shortly after, in 2008, we had a fully operational recycling facility within the Hartford City plant and doubled recycling capacity by 2011. In 2011, we expanded the plant, making room for a recycling sort line in 2016 and a wash line in 2017.

In Hartford City, Indiana, we manufacture products like our Steelcoat® and Greencore® trash bags, private label drawstring trash bags, can liners, and drum liners while producing our 100% post-consumer recycled GreenPE® resin.

Made in Hartford City – Trash Bags, Can Liners, GreenPE® Resin

Officially opened in the spring of 2021, McKinney, Texas, is our newest plant! We immediately launched into expanding the facility in 2022. Currently, in our initial startup phase, we are focused on producing private label drawstring trash bags. Contractor bags are on track to be made by the end of the year, and we have great plans for even more products as we grow.

Made in McKinney – Drawstring Trash Bags

The stories of our manufacturing facilities are important to us. Because of the great communities and associates in each location, we are able to provide high-quality, engineered, American-made plastic film products. 

Check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you jump into any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

Summer Indoor Color Palettes

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Are you looking to revamp your interior this summer? We’ve found a few different color palettes for you to test out!

These 2022 color trends come from global paint supplier PPG Industries, who said, “PPG’s color experts identified three color stories that will resonate for homeowners and professional painters in 2022: Invaluable, Introspective and Inspired.”

Invaluable. Featuring dark and rich hues, PPG says this theme creates nostalgia for comfort and reassurance. If you’re looking for a moody, natural vibe, this might be your theme. Featured colors include Onyx, Gooseberry, Ancient Copper, and Candlelit Beige.

Introspective. On the softer side, this theme brings about a warm and welcoming feeling. PPG notes that this group includes “punches of bright” amidst the mellow tones. If your desired palette is a serious pastel, you’ll want to check this out. Prominent colors include Magic Wand, Tea Time, Wistful Walk, and Pine Whisper.

Inspired. Described as “colors to refresh and renew,” this palette is for those looking for a whimsical and fresh look. This theme centers on boosting optimism and joy. Standout colors include Aloha, Cenote, Coral Silk, and Paris Pink.

Which theme speaks to you? No matter what colors you choose, Steelcoat® is here to help. Choose from our variety of products that make DIY and professional projects more effortless than ever.

Did you know? Our .61 mil 16 x 100 (FG-P9934-68) and 20 x 200 (FG-P9934-19) Painter’s Plastic is non-cling, which means it is excellent for use as a room divider or furniture cover.

If you’re looking for cling properties, check out our .31 mil 9 x 400 (FG-P9941-06) and 12 x 400 (FG-P9941-07) Painter’s Plastic to prevent debris from reentering the area while you work!

Check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you jump into any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Have you been looking at your yard and wondering how to tackle clean-up now that spring has come? We’ve got a few suggestions on where you can start and the best products to get the job done.

Pick up debris. Collect any branches or litter that may have gotten trapped all winter under snow piles once the last of the snow has melted away. 

Rake the lawn. Be gentle with your grass on the first rake-through; it is easy to accidentally rip the blades out of the soil when it is wet. Light raking will help it breathe and promote growth.

Weed. Get rid of any weeds in your yard while their roots are still shallow. For any harder-to-manage weeds, you may need to purchase weed killer.

Clear layers of leaves. While you’ll want to get the leaves off your lawn, removing all the leaves from your garden isn’t necessary. The leaves help fertilize the soil as they decompose. It is wise to clean up areas with too many leaves, though, as these areas can attract disease.

Remove winter mulch. Take out any winter mulch you applied so you can apply a fresh layer after you add new plants to your garden.

Pull any annuals from last year. You will need to remove these plants from your garden, as they do not come back after winter. Make sure you get all of the roots and make room for any new plants you may add.

Remove dead branches from shrubs. Prune branches or remove any dead leaves on perennial plants that return after the winter. Be mindful of new growth while trimming — you do not want to cut off any yet-to-bloom buds. Trim back any overgrown shrubs or vines. 

Clean out gutters. Wait for a dry day to clean out your gutters – you don’t want to deal with soggy, dead leaves. You may just need your hands or a leaf blower to clear everything out. Start near the downspout and work towards the closed end of your gutters.

What you’ll need from us for this project:

Contractor Bags help you collect dead leaves and other debris in your yard, garden, and gutters. These heavy-duty, 3 mil bags come in economy and professional options. Steelcoat contractor bags are perforated on the roll for easy dispensing, enhanced by a superior cling and fold pattern.

Lawn and Leaf, Trash Bags are perfect for smaller clean-up projects. Our bags are thicker, stronger, and more durable than similar national brands. Choose between drawstring, twist tie, and flap tie options.

Check out the Steelcoat® line of products before jumping into any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

Grip-N-Guard® Technology

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Many Steelcoat ® products utilize our advanced Grip-N-Guard® technology. What is Grip-N-Guard®, though?

Grip-N-Guard® is a multi-layer high-density polyethylene film specially designed to cling to virtually any surface with minimal to no taping required. Dust, sawdust, and other airborne particles stick to the top layer preventing reintroduced to the area during repositioning or clean-up. The center layer provides strength, and the bottom layer is engineered to adhere to surfaces.

Grip-N-Guard® makes any project easier by saving time on installation and clean-up. It is easy to install with just one person. This impressive technology holds up to 3 times more dust and paint particles than traditional painter’s plastic products.

How can Steelcoat® help you make your project go smoothly? Steelcoat® High-Density PE Painter’s Plastic, Drop Cloths, and Masking Film feature Grip-N-Guard® technology and appeal to the DIY consumer and professional contractors. Protect walls, furniture, and floors from dust and paint with confidence and ease.

Make sure to check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you jump into any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

Get Ready for Construction Season

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With spring steadily approaching, construction season is just on the horizon.

While we’re still in what some may refer to as “pre-season,” it is time to take stock of potential projects and order everything you need to make your jobs successful.

Painter’s Plastic — check! Drop cloths — check! Contractor bags — check! We’re here to make that easy.

Here are a few Steelcoat® products that you’ll want to stock up on before projects get into full swing.

Made with Grip-N-Guard® technology, our High-Density Painter’s Plastic and Drop Cloths have superior adhesion for painter’s tape and non-slip film. Dust clings to the Grip-N-Guard® surface to prevent it from reentering the area during repositioning or clean-up. We have a range of options from .31 to .6 mil sheeting.

Project: Protective cover on floors, walls, and furniture during interior painting or as a drop cloth for small hobby projects that include dust and staining materials.

Ask About:

20 x 200 .6 mil High-Density Sheeting

12 x 400 .31 mil Painter’s Plastic

20 x 200 .6 mil High-Density Sheeting

Flame retardant plastic sheeting is a must-have! Use Steelcoat® Flame Retardant Plastic Sheeting, a self-extinguishing plastic, on the job for various applications requiring flame-retardant specifications. This product is Boston fire Code Approved and passes the test for flammability of plastic material. Choose between 4 and 6 mil options.

Project: Use as a vapor barrier where required by code such as under wood floors or between drywall and insulation.

Ask About:

20 x 100 6 mil Sheeting

12 x 400 .31 mil Painter’s Plastic

Steelcoat® offers heavy-duty, 3-ply Contractor Bags designed for the toughest projects. These extra thick bags will get the job done, from construction site clean-up to yard work. Puncture-resistant bags with easy dispensing are a necessity for any job site. Professional bags come in 33-, 42-, and 55-gallon sizes. Economy bags are available in a 42-gallon size.

Project: Spring cleaning the garage or on the demolition site of a renovation project.

Ask About:

42-gallon 3 mil Contractor Bags

42-gallon 3 mil Contractor Bags

Make sure to check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you start any construction project to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

Winter Home Update Projects

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It can be hard to keep up with home improvement efforts in areas where winter is in full force. Don’t let the chilly weather stop you from turning your house into your dream home. Pull some inspiration from the list of indoor projects that we’ve compiled.

These seven projects will keep you busy during snowy days.

  1. Rearrange furniture. Have you always wanted to see how the couch would look against the opposite wall? Now’s the time to find out. Start with an easy task like updating the layout of your rooms by moving furniture pieces to new locations.
  2. Repair existing fixtures. Go through and find all the squeaky hinges or dripping faucets in your home and give them the attention they need. Small projects like these often get overlooked but wait no longer to cross them off your to-do list. A quick run to a hardware store can solve some daily annoyances around your house.
  3. Organize. Moving on to a task that is a bit more involved, you might want to take this project one room at a time. Being cooped up inside all winter can leave our homes cluttered and messy. Find spots in your home where organization and storage need to be addressed and find out why that clutter occurs. Once you get to the root of the problem, you can install more storage or reorganize to better suit the area. Steelcoat® Trash Bags can easily help you clean up the rest of the mess.
  4. Choose new backsplash. Does your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room need something to elevate it? Try a backsplash that will bring the room together. This project might take some time and planning, but the result will leave your space looking better than ever.
  5. Add molding, trim, or wainscotting. If you love the color on your wall, but it needs something more, try adding molding or trim. Another option is to add wainscotting to give your walls even more flair. Just remember to be safe when using power tools to install these projects.
  6. Paint walls. Give any room a makeover by choosing a brand-new color for the walls. Take your time to test out different options, and then make sure to plan for proper ventilation and protection. Keep your furniture safe with our Steelcoat® Plastic Sheeting. If you want to add an accent, try out our Painter’s Plastic with cling to keep the rest of your walls safe.
  7. Refloor. Instead of focusing on the walls, maybe you feel it’s time to upgrade your flooring. Whether it’s carpet, wood, tile, etc., you’ll want to take your time choosing how you wish to update. While many flooring projects can be done DIY-style, you may want to consult with a specialist to ensure it is done correctly.

How can Steelcoat® help you make the pet room of your dreams? High-Density PE Painter’s Plastic will keep paint where it belongs and off of where it doesn’t. Our Low-Density PE Plastic Sheeting will cover and protect your floors and furniture while painting and renovating.

Make sure to check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you jump into any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

Petoskey Plastics 2021 Recap

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Another year of challenges, triumphs, and growth is now at a close.

While we’ve each had our share of struggles and setbacks this year, one word we would use to describe Petoskey Plastics’ 2021 is “celebrate.”

Our bright spots in the year are thanks to our hardworking associates, loyal customers, and supportive communities. Let’s look back on all that Petoskey Plastics and our supporters accomplished in 2021.

To kick off 2021, we reflected on how crucial plastics were during 2020 and how so many in the plastics industry stepped up to help the world as the pandemic took shape. Many joined us in shifting production to produce medical gowns, face shields, and essential PPE. These efforts continue into today to help keep our peers safe.

Petoskey Plastics, McKinney Chamber of Commerce, RTM Engineering Consultants, Rudick Construction Group, and Ware Malcomb celebrate the ribbon-cutting in McKinney, Texas.

As we moved into March, we announced our newest plant purchase in McKinney, Texas. We invested $30 million to expand into a new territory to better serve our existing and future customers. McKinney will be utilized to grow our sustainable product lines and support existing brands. We welcomed many Texan associates throughout the year, and today, our McKinney plant has grown with over 58 associates and 3 lines.

Sustainability scorecard from the first quarter of 2021.

In April, we celebrated Earth Day all week long by sharing information about our sustainable efforts. We sent over 50 Sustainability Scorecards to customers who purchased products made with recycled content. Those customers helped save 7,464,519 kg of CO2 in just the first quarter of 2021.

We topped that week off with the announcement of our GreenPE Shrink shrink film that can feature up to 50% recycled materials. This new product aims to help businesses reach their sustainability goals by choosing quality packaging that keeps the environment top of mind.

Petoskey Plastics executives visit the new McLaren expansion.

August came with a celebration of the Petoskey community through a contribution to the McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital’s building expansion. This expansion will help McLaren serve Northern Michigan residents with an expanded ICU, upgraded technology, and new cardiovascular and orthopedic/surgery units.

In October, we took a week to observe Manufacturing Day and the great career paths in plastics manufacturing. There are many great career paths in the plastics manufacturing industry. If you or someone you know is looking to start a new career, check out our careers page.

Petoskey Plastics associates and NCMC faculty meet to share knowledge.

Towards the end of the year, we celebrated education by sharing knowledge with North Central Michigan College. We previously donated a miniature blown film line to the college to help expand the Engineering Technology programs. Programs of this nature help bring talented individuals into the manufacturing industry.

Associate milestone map.

In 2021, we honored 42 associates who reached milestone anniversaries at Petoskey Plastics this year. These associates across 4 locations had a combined 465 years of service. Spanning from 5- to 40-year milestones, we have immense gratitude for the associates who have chosen Petoskey Plastics for their career path.

There will be much more to celebrate in 2022. We will continue developing our McKinney location, implementing strategic planning processes, and launching new products to support our customers further.

Thank you all for being on this journey with us. We are forever grateful for your support. We look forward to earning your appreciation and respect in 2022 and the years to come.

How To Winterize your Home

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With the first bits of snow showing up in some states, it is time to prepare your home for winter. We’ve compiled the top seven things you’ll need to do to winterize your home.

1. Install Handrails. Porches, steps, and walkways can get dangerously icy during the winter. Prevent any injuries by adding in handrails to hold on to when walking around your home. Along with this, make sure you have shovels easily accessible to keep your walkways and driveways clear of snow.

2. Clear Gutters. If you haven’t already cleaned out your gutters and given them an inspection, now is the time. You can also add gutter guards to give your gutter system an extra level of protection. Don’t forget to make sure that the downspout is facing away from your home’s foundation. Check out our guide to learn how to clean your gutters step by step.

3. Trim Branches. Make sure to trim down any branches that might become dangerous and fall during heavy snow. Tree maintenance will protect your family and your house from harm and damage. Be sure to hire professionals for any hard-to-manage branches.

4. Check Your Windows. Windows with gaps can let in cold air and cause your heating bill to go up. Prevent any drafts by caulking, weatherstripping, or insulating. Other places to check for drafts are your doorways and chimneys.

5. Protect Pipes. As temperatures drop, you want to avoid frozen pipes. Double-check that pipes in attics and crawlspaces are not exposed to the cold weather. You can insulate exposed pipes with products like heat tape or foam. Sub-zero temperatures can cause internal pipes to freeze, even if you are running water. Consider adding an emergency pressure release valve that can help your pipes from bursting. At the very least, it’s a great idea to know how to shut your water off.

6. Set Thermostat. Every homeowner has different preferences on how warm they like to keep their house but setting your thermostat for at least 68 degrees is recommended by many. Lowering the temperature slightly when you sleep or leave for vacation will help save on your energy bill. Upgrading to a smart thermostat that you can access through your phone is also a great way to monitor your home and adjust your heating accordingly.

7. Check Heating. Have your furnaces and chimneys inspected yearly to keep them in working order. Don’t let it get too cold before you give them a check to make sure they are in good condition!

Make sure to check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you jump into any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

Fall Home Projects

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Cooler autumn temperatures make it easier to accomplish home projects that you may have put off due to the summer heat. We have a few home renovations you’ll want to check off your list before the winter chill sets in.

Read on to find our six fall project recommendations.

  1. Clean gutters. Your gutters will take on a lot over the fall and winter. Before too many leaves start clogging up your system, give your gutters a good clean. This project will save you time and labor in the spring by reducing blockages and preventing damage. It is also a good time to identify needed repairs in your gutter system before the snow starts. Check out our step-by-step guide for cleaning out gutters here!
  2. Replace HVAC filter. Taking the time to change out your old filter for a new one is something you should be doing yearly. Many HVAC professionals recommend switching your filter before turning on your heat for the fall. A new filter will keep your air clean and your system running smoothly.
  3. Draft-proof. Don’t let the coming winter chill sneak into your house. Check your home for areas where air might be getting in. Common spots are doorways, windows, and chimneys. Once you’ve identified where you’re getting drafts, fix the area with caulk, weatherstripping, or insulation. This update will also save your heating bill by preventing your warm air from escaping.
  4. Replace windows. If small repairs aren’t enough to fix the draft from your windows, it may be time for a total update. Luckily, the fall is a great time for this project as the weather is more mild and predictable.
  5. Update mudroom. Save the rest of your home from mud and leaves by sprucing up your entryway. Add a new doormat to catch debris as guests come in and a rack to keep dirty shoes in one spot. Include new storage areas for winter gear or outdoor decorations to minimize clutter. Finally, add a new coat of paint and a few hooks for coats, and you’ll be set.
  6. Paint home exterior. Cooler weather eliminates the pain point of painting in the summer, like bubbles caused by humidity. Don’t wait too long, though! Exterior paints perform best when applied in weather above 50 degrees. Read our blog on how to learn more ways to avoid bubbles.

Make sure to check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you jump into any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

Home Renovation: Pet Edition

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Home improvement isn’t just for humans! If you’re a DIY lover with a spoiled pet, it’s time to pamper your furry friend with their very own space. A pet area doesn’t need to be an entire room: a nook or corner will work just as well. Your pet will be thankful for a nice place of their own.

Here are six steps for designing a cozy space just for your pet.

Pick a location. This crucial step will be dependent on your home and your pet. Pick a spot where your animal will be comfortable and cozy — everyone wants to feel safe when they nap. If your pet already has a favorite spot that you’re willing to upgrade, go for it! Otherwise, areas like an unused corner of a living room, bedroom, home office, or basement are great places to do this project. Pick a bigger area if you’ll have more than one pet sharing the space. You’ll also want to consider if your pet likes to be close to the action or further away.

Paint. Once you’ve picked the perfect spot, it’s time to make the space unique. Although pets often don’t see color the way we do, they still deserve a little pizzazz. You can choose colors that match their fur or find the same shade as their favorite toy! Be mindful of the type of paint you use; there are many animal-safe and nontoxic options to choose from. Let the paint dry completely and wait a few days for the fumes to disperse.

Decorate. Add in a pet bed or crate for your furry pal to relax in. Most pets sleep a lot during the day, so a good snoozing space is essential. Next up, add in your pet’s toys to keep them happy and busy. If you are adding food and water to the pet area, now would be the time to do so. Don’t forget a nice mat to keep the floors safe from water spills and kibble. If you have a particularly fancy pet, you can add photos, decals, or art to the walls. Make sure these additions won’t get torn down or chewed up.

Check for safety. If you put your furry friend’s hideout in a laundry room or garage, make sure they can’t get into anything dangerous. Move floor-level items up onto shelves or tabletops to avoid any accidents! If there is no heating or air conditioning in their new space, you should consider investing in temperature solutions for the extremely warm and cold months. Safety gates and pet webcams can both be great additions to your pet’s space.

Final touches. Your mini renovation is almost complete! Add in a storage area to keep food, treats, and grooming supplies. Hang up any leashes or harnesses that your pet uses. Lastly, clean up any remaining debris or mess.

Move-in. See how your pal likes their new spot! As your pet settles in, you can cross this project off your home improvement to-do list.

How can Steelcoat® help you make the pet room of your dreams? High-Density PE Painter’s Plastic will keep paint where it belongs and off of where it doesn’t. Our Low-Density PE Plastic Sheeting will cover and protect your floors and furniture while painting and renovating.

For more home improvement and renovation ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter!