How To Winterize your Home

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With the first bits of snow showing up in some states, it is time to prepare your home for winter. We’ve compiled the top seven things you’ll need to do to winterize your home.

1. Install Handrails. Porches, steps, and walkways can get dangerously icy during the winter. Prevent any injuries by adding in handrails to hold on to when walking around your home. Along with this, make sure you have shovels easily accessible to keep your walkways and driveways clear of snow.

2. Clear Gutters. If you haven’t already cleaned out your gutters and given them an inspection, now is the time. You can also add gutter guards to give your gutter system an extra level of protection. Don’t forget to make sure that the downspout is facing away from your home’s foundation. Check out our guide to learn how to clean your gutters step by step.

3. Trim Branches. Make sure to trim down any branches that might become dangerous and fall during heavy snow. Tree maintenance will protect your family and your house from harm and damage. Be sure to hire professionals for any hard-to-manage branches.

4. Check Your Windows. Windows with gaps can let in cold air and cause your heating bill to go up. Prevent any drafts by caulking, weatherstripping, or insulating. Other places to check for drafts are your doorways and chimneys.

5. Protect Pipes. As temperatures drop, you want to avoid frozen pipes. Double-check that pipes in attics and crawlspaces are not exposed to the cold weather. You can insulate exposed pipes with products like heat tape or foam. Sub-zero temperatures can cause internal pipes to freeze, even if you are running water. Consider adding an emergency pressure release valve that can help your pipes from bursting. At the very least, it’s a great idea to know how to shut your water off.

6. Set Thermostat. Every homeowner has different preferences on how warm they like to keep their house but setting your thermostat for at least 68 degrees is recommended by many. Lowering the temperature slightly when you sleep or leave for vacation will help save on your energy bill. Upgrading to a smart thermostat that you can access through your phone is also a great way to monitor your home and adjust your heating accordingly.

7. Check Heating. Have your furnaces and chimneys inspected yearly to keep them in working order. Don’t let it get too cold before you give them a check to make sure they are in good condition!

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