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Looks like you’ve made your way on over to our new blog page! That’s great, hope to see you make it part of your online routine. Today’s edition is more about the general scope, or the long term goals of who these posts are meant to serve, and it’s great that you’re reading because you are the audience! -That’s exactly who we want to serve!
As you can see from the website, the Steelcoat brand carries a wide array of products ranging anywhere from kitchen trash bags to high density painter’s plastic. While we love our product and think you would too, advertising is not really what this platform is going to be used for. What we want to do here is answer any sort of construction or home improvement question you may have. DIYers, don’t worry, we have you covered. Even if you’ve been in the business for years and need a little advice on your latest endeavor, fire away and we’ll do our best to find an answer. If for some reason we don’t receive any questions from readers we will then find a topic that we find interesting and relevant to one of the fields mentioned and hope you’ll learn something new along the way.
When it comes to frequency, twice a month or every two weeks will be our starting point. If we get a great amount of participation though, things could change and we may need to ramp it up. So the more you ask for, the more we’ll be able to help!
At Steelcoat, we are so excited for this new way to reach out. We really believe that this blog is a way for us to connect with you all and our goal is to give you the best insight possible on your day-to-day construction and home improvement projects.

Have any suggestions on topics? Email us at: info@steelcoatproducts.com

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