Springtime Gutter Cleaning

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Your next step to a great exterior is giving your gutters a check-in. Gutters can go through a lot of wear and tear in the fall and winter, so it is a good idea to make sure they’re ready to handle the spring rainstorms.

Here are six steps to get your gutters prepped for spring.

Rainy day check. Wait for a rainy day to see how your gutters are performing. This litmus test will give you a better idea of how clogged your gutters may be or what type of damage they have. If they are overflowing and not draining properly, there’s a good chance that there are dead leaves and other surprises in your gutter system. Also, check the downspout to see if water is correctly exiting the system. Gutters can sag and pull away from the boards, so look for these issues as well.

Decide course of action. Now that you’ve assessed your gutters, you need to decide if they need cleaning or if it is time for a replacement. Do your research to find a trusted professional to install your new gutter system.

Clean out debris. Wait for a dry day to clean out your gutters – you don’t want to deal with soggy, dead leaves. You may just need your hands or a leaf blower to clear everything out. If your gutters are really clogged, there are special gutter cleaning tools for you to invest in. Professionals suggest starting near the downspout and working your way towards the closed end of your gutters. Always be safe and careful when dealing with a ladder or being on a roof. Practice precaution and stay alert.

Flush with water. Once all of the gunk and junk is out, take your garden hose and clean up the dirt and left-over debris. Doing this clears out anything left behind. This time, start from the closed end of your gutters and end with your downspout.

Make repairs. Now that everything is clean, you can inspect for any small repairs that need to be made. Caulk any holes or manage any rust you find. Tighten up any areas that are coming loose or sagging. If you are noticing multiple issues, it might be best to call in a professional to repair or completely replace your gutters.

Mark your calendar. If you live in an area with a lot of tree coverage, it is a good idea to clean your gutters on a more frequent basis to prevent any damage. Leave yourself a note to check back in on your gutters in a few months.

How can Steelcoat® help? Our quality Trash Bags and Contractor Bags collect all of the gunk you get out of your gutters. Our Low Density PE Plastic Sheeting is easy to lay down on your lawn under your gutters to prevent any debris from falling into your garden or grass. 

Next week we will be posting the last installment of our spring exterior home improvement series. Get ready for some great tips on giving your house a new coat of paint. Follow us at Steelcoat Products to see all our updates.