Grip-N-Guard® Technology

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Many Steelcoat ® products utilize our advanced Grip-N-Guard® technology. What is Grip-N-Guard®, though?

Grip-N-Guard® is a multi-layer high-density polyethylene film specially designed to cling to virtually any surface with minimal to no taping required. Dust, sawdust, and other airborne particles stick to the top layer preventing reintroduced to the area during repositioning or clean-up. The center layer provides strength, and the bottom layer is engineered to adhere to surfaces.

Grip-N-Guard® makes any project easier by saving time on installation and clean-up. It is easy to install with just one person. This impressive technology holds up to 3 times more dust and paint particles than traditional painter’s plastic products.

How can Steelcoat® help you make your project go smoothly? Steelcoat® High-Density PE Painter’s Plastic, Drop Cloths, and Masking Film feature Grip-N-Guard® technology and appeal to the DIY consumer and professional contractors. Protect walls, furniture, and floors from dust and paint with confidence and ease.

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