Winter Home Update Projects

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It can be hard to keep up with home improvement efforts in areas where winter is in full force. Don’t let the chilly weather stop you from turning your house into your dream home. Pull some inspiration from the list of indoor projects that we’ve compiled.

These seven projects will keep you busy during snowy days.

  1. Rearrange furniture. Have you always wanted to see how the couch would look against the opposite wall? Now’s the time to find out. Start with an easy task like updating the layout of your rooms by moving furniture pieces to new locations.
  2. Repair existing fixtures. Go through and find all the squeaky hinges or dripping faucets in your home and give them the attention they need. Small projects like these often get overlooked but wait no longer to cross them off your to-do list. A quick run to a hardware store can solve some daily annoyances around your house.
  3. Organize. Moving on to a task that is a bit more involved, you might want to take this project one room at a time. Being cooped up inside all winter can leave our homes cluttered and messy. Find spots in your home where organization and storage need to be addressed and find out why that clutter occurs. Once you get to the root of the problem, you can install more storage or reorganize to better suit the area. Steelcoat® Trash Bags can easily help you clean up the rest of the mess.
  4. Choose new backsplash. Does your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room need something to elevate it? Try a backsplash that will bring the room together. This project might take some time and planning, but the result will leave your space looking better than ever.
  5. Add molding, trim, or wainscotting. If you love the color on your wall, but it needs something more, try adding molding or trim. Another option is to add wainscotting to give your walls even more flair. Just remember to be safe when using power tools to install these projects.
  6. Paint walls. Give any room a makeover by choosing a brand-new color for the walls. Take your time to test out different options, and then make sure to plan for proper ventilation and protection. Keep your furniture safe with our Steelcoat® Plastic Sheeting. If you want to add an accent, try out our Painter’s Plastic with cling to keep the rest of your walls safe.
  7. Refloor. Instead of focusing on the walls, maybe you feel it’s time to upgrade your flooring. Whether it’s carpet, wood, tile, etc., you’ll want to take your time choosing how you wish to update. While many flooring projects can be done DIY-style, you may want to consult with a specialist to ensure it is done correctly.

How can Steelcoat® help you make the pet room of your dreams? High-Density PE Painter’s Plastic will keep paint where it belongs and off of where it doesn’t. Our Low-Density PE Plastic Sheeting will cover and protect your floors and furniture while painting and renovating.

Make sure to check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you jump into any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.