Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Have you been looking at your yard and wondering how to tackle clean-up now that spring has come? We’ve got a few suggestions on where you can start and the best products to get the job done.

Pick up debris. Collect any branches or litter that may have gotten trapped all winter under snow piles once the last of the snow has melted away. 

Rake the lawn. Be gentle with your grass on the first rake-through; it is easy to accidentally rip the blades out of the soil when it is wet. Light raking will help it breathe and promote growth.

Weed. Get rid of any weeds in your yard while their roots are still shallow. For any harder-to-manage weeds, you may need to purchase weed killer.

Clear layers of leaves. While you’ll want to get the leaves off your lawn, removing all the leaves from your garden isn’t necessary. The leaves help fertilize the soil as they decompose. It is wise to clean up areas with too many leaves, though, as these areas can attract disease.

Remove winter mulch. Take out any winter mulch you applied so you can apply a fresh layer after you add new plants to your garden.

Pull any annuals from last year. You will need to remove these plants from your garden, as they do not come back after winter. Make sure you get all of the roots and make room for any new plants you may add.

Remove dead branches from shrubs. Prune branches or remove any dead leaves on perennial plants that return after the winter. Be mindful of new growth while trimming — you do not want to cut off any yet-to-bloom buds. Trim back any overgrown shrubs or vines. 

Clean out gutters. Wait for a dry day to clean out your gutters – you don’t want to deal with soggy, dead leaves. You may just need your hands or a leaf blower to clear everything out. Start near the downspout and work towards the closed end of your gutters.

What you’ll need from us for this project:

Contractor Bags help you collect dead leaves and other debris in your yard, garden, and gutters. These heavy-duty, 3 mil bags come in economy and professional options. Steelcoat contractor bags are perforated on the roll for easy dispensing, enhanced by a superior cling and fold pattern.

Lawn and Leaf, Trash Bags are perfect for smaller clean-up projects. Our bags are thicker, stronger, and more durable than similar national brands. Choose between drawstring, twist tie, and flap tie options.

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