Spring Clean-Up: Office

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Your house isn’t the only place that needs a spring refresh. If you’re a business owner or office manager, you might look for a few ways to spruce up the office space as we head into spring.

These eight projects will have your office looking better than ever:

Small Projects:

    1. Clean desks. The quickest and most straightforward way to bring a bit of spring cleaning into your office is by starting with your desk. There are basics like wiping down and dusting the area, but it’s also nice to go through and clean out folders and notes you have stored. Take it a step further by cleaning out your inbox or desktop.
    2. Recycle and declutter. Moving a little outside of your own space, evaluate what around the office can be cleaned up. Take any piled-up recycling out and find any extra materials you can recycle. This ties in with decluttering storage shelves and other shared spaces. Recycle paper, plastics, and other materials as often as possible and dispose of the rest. Steelcoat® Trash Bags can easily help you clean up the mess.
    3. Style update. Does the space have a dedicated style? If yes, does it need to be updated or added to? If not, maybe it’s time to add one. Adding touches like wall art and décor can really make a space feel more inviting. The more cohesive, the better. Consider swapping out old picture frames for ones that match other wood or metal in the office. New window shades or light fixtures might make a more significant difference than you realize.
    4. Quick repairs. Go through and find all the squeaky doors or burnt-out light bulbs in your office and give them the attention they need. Small projects like these often get overlooked, but you can cross them off your to-do list with a quick run to a hardware store. Taking the time to fix the little annoyances can make the whole team happier.

Large Projects:

    1. Reorganize workstations. Not all workplaces have the ability to move large furniture around, but if you do, it might be time to try out a new configuration. Consider how traffic in the office could flow better or rearrange where specific teams are located for optimal collaboration. Of course, when modifying a shared space, it’s best to get the buy-in from the teams affected by the reorganization.
    2. Add molding, trim, or wainscotting. If you love the color on your wall but need something more, try adding molding or trim. Another option is to add wainscotting to give your walls even more flair. Just remember to be safe when using power tools to install these projects.
    3. Paint walls. Give any room a makeover by choosing a brand-new color for the walls. Take your time to test out different options, and then plan for proper ventilation and protection. Keep your furniture safe with our Steelcoat® Plastic Sheeting. If you want to add an accent, try our Painter’s Plastic with cling to keep the rest of your walls safe.
    4. Refloor. Instead of focusing on the walls, maybe you feel it’s time to upgrade your flooring. Whether it’s carpet, wood, tile, etc., you’ll want to choose how you wish to update strategically. While you can do many DIY flooring projects, you may wish to consult a specialist to ensure it is done correctly.

How can Steelcoat® help you make the office your team deserves? Our Steelcoat® Trash and Contractor Bags can handle any clean-up you have. High-Density PE Painter’s Plastic will keep paint where it belongs and off of where it doesn’t. Our Low-Density PE Plastic Sheeting will cover and protect your floors and furniture while painting and renovating.

Check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you jump into any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.