Fall Home Projects

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Cooler autumn temperatures make it easier to accomplish home projects that you may have put off due to the summer heat. We have a few home renovations you’ll want to check off your list before the winter chill sets in.

Read on to find our six fall project recommendations.

  1. Clean gutters. Your gutters will take on a lot over the fall and winter. Before too many leaves start clogging up your system, give your gutters a good clean. This project will save you time and labor in the spring by reducing blockages and preventing damage. It is also a good time to identify needed repairs in your gutter system before the snow starts. Check out our step-by-step guide for cleaning out gutters here!
  2. Replace HVAC filter. Taking the time to change out your old filter for a new one is something you should be doing yearly. Many HVAC professionals recommend switching your filter before turning on your heat for the fall. A new filter will keep your air clean and your system running smoothly.
  3. Draft-proof. Don’t let the coming winter chill sneak into your house. Check your home for areas where air might be getting in. Common spots are doorways, windows, and chimneys. Once you’ve identified where you’re getting drafts, fix the area with caulk, weatherstripping, or insulation. This update will also save your heating bill by preventing your warm air from escaping.
  4. Replace windows. If small repairs aren’t enough to fix the draft from your windows, it may be time for a total update. Luckily, the fall is a great time for this project as the weather is more mild and predictable.
  5. Update mudroom. Save the rest of your home from mud and leaves by sprucing up your entryway. Add a new doormat to catch debris as guests come in and a rack to keep dirty shoes in one spot. Include new storage areas for winter gear or outdoor decorations to minimize clutter. Finally, add a new coat of paint and a few hooks for coats, and you’ll be set.
  6. Paint home exterior. Cooler weather eliminates the pain point of painting in the summer, like bubbles caused by humidity. Don’t wait too long, though! Exterior paints perform best when applied in weather above 50 degrees. Read our blog on how to learn more ways to avoid bubbles.

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