Summer Indoor Color Palettes

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Are you looking to revamp your interior this summer? We’ve found a few different color palettes for you to test out!

These 2022 color trends come from global paint supplier PPG Industries, who said, “PPG’s color experts identified three color stories that will resonate for homeowners and professional painters in 2022: Invaluable, Introspective and Inspired.”

Invaluable. Featuring dark and rich hues, PPG says this theme creates nostalgia for comfort and reassurance. If you’re looking for a moody, natural vibe, this might be your theme. Featured colors include Onyx, Gooseberry, Ancient Copper, and Candlelit Beige.

Introspective. On the softer side, this theme brings about a warm and welcoming feeling. PPG notes that this group includes “punches of bright” amidst the mellow tones. If your desired palette is a serious pastel, you’ll want to check this out. Prominent colors include Magic Wand, Tea Time, Wistful Walk, and Pine Whisper.

Inspired. Described as “colors to refresh and renew,” this palette is for those looking for a whimsical and fresh look. This theme centers on boosting optimism and joy. Standout colors include Aloha, Cenote, Coral Silk, and Paris Pink.

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