Steelcoat® White Page: How to Prep for Painting Walls

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Painting walls is a fairly easy way to switch up the look and feel of a home. Some people paint their own walls, while others may hire a professional to get the job done. And some happen to be the professionals who do the painting. Whoever you might be, we have some basic tips for prepping walls before you begin the painting process.

First, you need to move the furniture away from the walls. You can either remove the furniture from the room entirely, or just move it to the center and cover it with a protective film like our Steelcoat® Painter’s Plastic or Masking Film.

Then you’ll want to clean the walls. For most rooms, dusting and wiping down the walls with a towel will do. If the room you’re painting is a bathroom or kitchen, you’ll want to use some sort of solution to clean and disinfect. Make sure to remove any chipped paint with a paint scraper and to use sandpaper to smooth away any imperfections or remaining bumps.

Next, you’ll want to have everything you’ll need in order to paint. This includes the paint, primer, paint can opener, stir sticks, paint brushes (make sure you have an angled paint brush for hard-to-get-at corners), paint rollers (with an extension pole if you need it), paint trays, gloves, goggles, drop cloths, and cleaning materials.

Now that you have everything that you need and the walls have been prepped, it’s time to start painting!

Steelcoat® Products is a division of Petoskey Plastics serving multiple markets in the construction, home improvement, and retail industries with a variety of products. Our combination of innovative design and technology with specialized engineering makes our products some of the best in the market. Steelcoat® Products include painter’s plastic, plastic sheeting, contractor bags, trash bags, can and drum liners, and much more, in addition to private label solutions for our customers. Learn more at

Steelcoat White Page – Five Ways to Keep Your Job Site Clean

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Despite the inherently untidy nature of construction and renovation jobs, a good contractor knows that keeping the job site clean is a priority. A construction site that lacks organization and regular clean up can not only look like a mess, but it can also be dangerous for workers and anyone else around the site. Making sure that a site is as clean as possible can make post-construction cleanup faster and prevent worker injuries.

  1. Clean up regularly– Cleaning up on a regular basis as you go along is the best way to ensure that your construction site is both clean and safe. Because of the nature of construction, things are going to get messy. However, taking a few minutes to clean up after one task before moving on to another means less cleanup at the end and the job site is more likely to be safe.
  2. Make safety a priority– If keeping a site clean and free of harmful materials is neglected, it can quickly become a dangerous area to work in. It isn’t safe to have nails, sharp tools, and hazardous debris just laying around, so it is important to take care of those things as you go. Each employee should know what their job is when it comes to cleanup time. It usually helps to have each employee clean up after themselves when they’ve completed a task in addition to having a specific employee on the site in charge of general cleanup that does not fall under the other employees’ scope.
  3. Cover furnishings and floors-If the construction site is inside a building, like an office or home, covering furniture and floors can prevent most renovation mishaps. For example, using our Steelcoat® Painter’s Plastic and Plastic Sheeting to cover surfaces like floors and furnishings can prevent paint and dust from getting onto them during the renovation. Plus, it will increase overall job satisfaction and make you look more professional.
  4. Have multiple, clearly labeled waste disposal areas-If the job site is small, like a one room renovation, then having several clearly marked containers for waste would be sufficient. If the job site is much larger than that though, making sure that you have multiple, clearly labeled waste disposal containers and disposal areas all over the construction site is an important step in keeping the job site clean. It should be easy for employees to know where to put the recycling, the trash, the scrap material, etc. and they should not have to walk all the way across the job site to dispose of the waste from their tasks. Convenience and simplicity are key when it comes to keeping waste taken care of at job sites.
  5. Hire a reputable contractor -If you aren’t the contractor and instead are the one hiring the contractor, make sure you hire a responsible and professional one. Any good contractor will know and understand how important a clean job site is. It is generally good advice to research your contractors and shop around a little so you can pick the best one for your job.

Steelcoat® Products is a division of Petoskey Plastics serving multiple markets in the construction, home improvement, and retail industries with a variety of products. Our combination of innovative design and technology with specialized engineering makes our products some of the best in the market. Steelcoat® Products include painter’s plastic, plastic sheeting, contractor bags, trash bags, can and drum liners, and much more, in addition to private label solutions for our customers. Learn more at

Benefits of Multilayer Painter’s Plastic Over Monolayer

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Is there really a difference in performance between multilayer painter’s plastic and monolayer? The answer is yes, there is. Multilayer painter’s plastic has added benefits over monolayer and performs better overall.

Our Steelcoat® painter’s plastic is unique in that it has three layers of high density plastic that give it superior properties, such as added strength and easier clean up. Using a multilayer design instead of a monolayer creates a product with increased flexibility while maximizing strength and performance.

The multiple layers in our painter’s plastic allows each layer to have its own distinctive characteristics. Made with Grip-N-Guard® technology, the superior cling properties on the inside layer help keep it in place with little taping required. It also makes it easier for one person to unfold and install. The outside layer acts like a vacuum, pulling peat, dust, and paint out of the air and onto the plastic rather than on the floor or other uncovered areas.

In addition, our painter’s plastic is flake resistant. That means once the paint dries on the plastic, it won’t flake off when it comes time to take the plastic off the walls, furniture, and floors, which ultimately means less clean up time.

In summary, yes, multilayer painter’s plastic is actually better than monolayer. Our Steelcoat® painter’s plastic in particular means less cleanup time, lower costs, and higher profits. Its ease of use and unique product characteristics appeal to both the DIY consumer and professional contractors.

Steelcoat® Products is a division of Petoskey Plastics serving multiple markets in the construction, home improvement, and retail industries with a variety of products. Our combination of innovative design and technology with specialized engineering makes our products some of the best in the market. Steelcoat® Products include painter’s plastic, plastic sheeting, contractor bags, trash bags, can and drum liners, and much more, in addition to private label solutions for our customers. Learn more at

New Year, New Home Improvement Projects

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Whether you’ve been putting off that honey do list for way too long or you’re a professional in the construction and home improvement field, the beginning of the new year is a great time to start some much needed home improvement projects! Here are our top five new year home improvement projects!
  1. Clean and de-clutter.

    This first one may be more of a spring cleaning project rather than a home improvement, but de-cluttering the house is an important task that needs to be done every once in a while. It is an easy way to instantly make your home feel bigger and nicer. Plus, the extra space makes it easier to do other home improvement projects.

  2. Install an organization system.

    This, in addition to getting rid of the extra clutter, will help open up space and make the home appear cleaner and more finished. Areas that usually need some extra organization are the bathroom, kitchen, and playroom.

  3. Pick a room to paint.

    Something as simple as changing up the color of a room can make it seem more open, more cheerful, or even more fun. It is a cheap way to change up the style of one of your rooms in your house. Don’t know what color to pick? Grab a couple of sample colors from the store and paint some swatches on your wall. That way you can see what the color looks like when it dries and in different types of light.

  4. Replace old windows and doors.

    This can make your home more energy efficient, thus lowering your utility bills. Replacing old windows and doors with ones that have better seals will not only give your home a fresh look, but it will also save you money throughout the year since it is more energy efficient.

  5. Renovate your bathroom or kitchen.

    Chances are one of those rooms could use an update. If you’re a DIYer but this is beyond your capabilities, hiring a professional will save you a lot of time and frustration. It will most likely look a lot better as well. Kitchens and bathrooms are important features of a home so updating them will not only increase the value of your home, but it will help it feel more luxurious as well.

  6. Whether you’re a DIY guru or a professional in the home improvement industry, projects like this always create some sort of mess. Make sure to check out our full line of Steelcoat® products before you jump into any home improvement project to help keep your home clean and protected while you work.

Here’s to a great new year!

Steelcoat® Products is a division of Petoskey Plastics serving multiple markets in the construction, home improvement, and retail industries with a variety of products. Our combination of innovative design and technology with specialized engineering makes our products some of the best in the market. Steelcoat® Products include painter’s plastic, plastic sheeting, contractor bags, trash bags, can and drum liners, and much more, in addition to private label solutions for our customers.

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Petoskey Plastics, Steelcoat’s manufacturer, named finalist for Plastics News® Processor of the Year 2017

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This award honors companies with superior achievement among plastics processors.

Petoskey, MI:  Petoskey Plastics was named one of four finalists for the Plastics News Processor of the Year Award for 2017, which is sponsored by the Plastics Industry Association.  Plastics News announced the finalists in their January 8th edition.  Petoskey Plastics was named a finalist in 2016 as well and is once again the only blown film company among the finalists.

A processor is defined as a manufacturer that forms finished plastics parts.  For a private or  public company or corporate operating division to qualify for the award, they must be engaged in North American plastics processing for at least the past five years.  Candidates were then evaluated on the following criteria by members of the Plastics News’ editorial staff:

  • Financial Performance
  • Quality
  • Customer Relations
  • Employee Relations
  • Environmental Performance
  • Industry/Public Service
  • Technological
  • Innovation

The Plastics News article announcing the finalists’ states, “Environmental performance is Petoskey’s strongest category in the Processor of the Year hunt.  But judges also have high marks for financial performance and the other five categories.”

One customer reference remarked about Petoskey Plastics, “Everyone is very accessible, all the way to top management.”

Petoskey Plastics hosted Plastics News editor Donald Loepp and senior reporter Bill Bregar at their Hartford City, Indiana plant on January 11th for the final round of the Processor of the Year selection process to show the recycling lines and newest technology.  The winner will be announced on March 7th at the Plastics News Executive Forum in Naples, FL.

Plastics News is a weekly, 46,000-circulation trade newspaper delivering global news to a primarily North American market. Founded by Crain Communications Inc. in Akron, Ohio, in 1989, it covers the business of the global plastics industry.

Petoskey Plastics is an environmentally focused recycler and plastic film, bag and resin manufacturer providing superior products and solutions. Headquartered in Petoskey, Michigan, the company provides products and engineered solutions for a variety of industries including automotive, industrial, institutional, retail, construction and home improvement.

Petoskey Plastics has facilities in Michigan, Indiana and Tennessee.  Learn more at


Broadcasted on 9&10 News: 

Accent Walls: Annoying or Amazing?

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Accent walls have been a prevalent focal point of home design for the last few years. Some designers adore the idea while others aren’t sold. Where do you stand on this topic? Personally, I’m a fan. Accent walls are great opportunities to add an extra fingerprint of your own sense of style. Could it go too far? Absolutely! However, that’s why it’s important to take a few things into account before moving forward.

The first item to consider is what is going to be on your accent wall. As soon as you add a brilliant color, the focus will shift to it. Before deciding which wall, you will definitely want to have something of interest to fill it. The options are endless. If the accent is in your main family space, photos and maybe your television could be an option. Any sort of art would be a great option as well.

Another thing you’ll want to make sure of is that the colors don’t clash. Everyone knows that when you get two similar shades of the same color next to each other it can look bad. If you’re going for the accent wall, go big or don’t go at all. Luckily color swatches and other items exist to help prevent this issue, but don’t be afraid to take a small step outside your comfort zone.

Last thing: don’t be afraid to explore patterns. Sometimes a wallpaper or painted pattern can bring enough attention to the wall to break it up without the extreme measure of an entire wall. I did just say to make sure to be bold and this is doing so but in a different way. Although the colors might be a bit more muted, the pattern opportunities available can help provide an ambiance that one solid color would not.

No matter what wall or room you paint, you need to prepare for the mess that will follow. Steelcoat® carries products that will meet any need you may have during a painting project. Head on over to our website to see our entire line!


Selecting the Right Subway Tile

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Although it isn’t the focal point that granite countertops or stainless steel appliances may be, subway tile placed in the correct manner can upgrade the atmosphere of a room. One thing is for sure though, nothing could have prepared me for how many options there are when selecting how to outfit a backsplash.


There are many options when it comes to tones of the tile being placed in your home. From the classic white to metallic hues, the spectrum is endless. One facet that must be taken into account though is the grout. What type of accent would you like to achieve? For example, if you choose to have a simple look with white tile in a straight pattern, do you want the tile to blend into the background with a white grout attaining a clean design or would you rather achieve a level of contrast with a dark grey? Each has its own unique flavor.

Size and Shape:

This aspect could determine a lot about your layout. Subway tiles come in more shapes and sizes than you can imagine: squares, rectangles, octagons, hexagons. They’re all available if you desire them!


Your choice for size and shape will help determine your pattern. I was absolutely blown away with the patterns that can be used when creating the backdrop for a room. Check out this picture from that shows 9 of the most popular patterns.

The last thing I wanted to touch on has less to do with the tiles themselves and more with the overall layout of your kitchen. If you decide to use subway tile, do me one favor. Think about the tile would look taking up the area between your counter top and cabinets, which is the more familiar layout and then also think about what it would look like if it extended all the way to your ceiling. Depending on the patterns and colors chosen, this may cause the room to get a bit busy. However, trying something like this could create an incredible aesthetic completely different from what was originally planned.

Once you’ve made the decision to makeover your backsplash make sure you’re prepared for the demo process. If you’re removing previously placed tile or another substance designate a location to place that discarded material. When adding the new tile, you’ll also need to protect any areas in danger of a possible grout mess. Steelcoat® offers both contractor bags and plastic sheeting for these types of situations. Check out our product flyer page for more information on these products!

Great Ways to Increase your Home’s ROI

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It’s safe to say that remodeling parts of a home has been a steady trend in the real estate sector. Since the renaissance of the DIYer, revamping a room and upgrading houses to get more bang for your buck has been a rather large part of the industry. Based off of media opinion, the hot spots for performing these makeovers seem to focus on the kitchen and bathroom. Nothing grabs the attention at an open house like a subway tile back splash or brand new dual vanity. However, what would you say if I told you that there were other updates that may actually bring you a larger amount of ROI? Remodeling magazine actually takes a look at some of these figures in their 2016 Cost vs. Value Report. Follow the link to see the entire report, or check out my highlights below.

Did you know that the most valuable item in your home that can be upgraded is in your attic? I’ll give you a chance to guess what it could be. It’s actually insulation. According to the cost and value report the cost recovered from performing a task for this nationwide would be 116.9% on average nationwide.

Following insulation is stone veneer which averages a 92.9% ROI. Coming in third is a mid-sized garage door replacement with a 91.9% return. Rounding out the top five are the addition of a steel entry door and an upscale garage door replacement at 91.5% and 91.1% respectively.

As you can see from this list, cosmetic upgrades are important, however that seems to apply more to the idea of curb appeal than the inside of a home.

Whether you’re a professional in this industry or not, remodel projects always yield some sort of mess. Make sure to check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you jump into to any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected!

Clearing Up Confusion About Caulk

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Caulking is an underappreciated aspect of the home improvement process. Without it you could end up with a drafty home and skyrocketing energy bills, or mold issues because of a leaky seal in the bathroom. Let’s take some time today to talk about caulk and how much of a role it can play in your next DIY project.

Caulk is a very versatile substance. It can be great for painting applications or seals around windows. You can use it as a waterproof barrier around your sinks, toilets and showers. However, you need to make sure that you do your research and select the right type before getting started. Caulk falls into two main categories: acrylic and silicone. Acrylic is best used for sealing and filling dryer areas, is a bit easier to apply and cleans up well. Silicone on the other hand, is the right choice for outdoor use or any area that could be exposed to moisture. Silicone is not recommended when painting as paint will not bind to it.

From there you’ll want to make sure you’re equipped with a caulk gun and equipment for tooling. Luckily, the best things to use for tooling are your fingers! If the area has been caulked on a prior occasion, you must remove what is currently there. You can do this with a caulk removing agent and tool both found at your local hardware store. Apply alcohol to the surface once old caulk is removed for cleaning purposes and wait to dry before adding new product.

Finally apply a consistent bead of caulk (but don’t overdo it) and use your finger to smooth out the surface. To be safe wait 24 hours for drying. If you’re applying the caulk outside try and find an open window of time with good weather.

As with anything in the home improvement department, messes can be difficult to avoid. Nothing is worse than an accident that puts a dent in the budget. Make sure that when you get ready to caulk, you take the proper precautions and cover up any areas that could be a danger zone. The next time you have a new project, live on the side of safety and lay out some Steelcoat® Plastic Sheeting. It’s great for floor and furniture protection and will make the cleanup process nice and easy!



The Steelcoat® Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Guess what? Winter is finally coming to end. Birds are chirping, lawns are no longer white, and every once in a while we can head into work without a bulky jacket on. With spring comes a new beginning for many, including you! Let’s get to work on a fresh start; we can start with some major decluttering. We get it, it’s been a very long and gloomy winter, but nothing will make you feel better than coming home to a clean household after a weekend full of elbow grease.

Luckily for you, we’ve got something right here to help you take the first and most difficult step! It’s the Steelcoat® edition of your spring cleaning checklist.



  1. Cleaning your floors: This is a great time to do a deep clean. It doesn’t matter if it’s carpet or hardwood, tile or vinyl; all of them need some love. It might be smart to bring in a service to help you out if this is a big job.
  2. Rearranging the furniture: You can kill two birds with one stone here. Give your home a fresh look for the upcoming season and while you’re doing so, take the time to clean underneath where all of these items used to sit.
  3. Dust every little thing: This is no exaggeration people. It’s amazing how many dust bunnies accumulate in a few short months. Leave no stone unturned!
  4. Vacuum the furniture: I don’t mean just lifting up the cushions to locate the small fortune that has been accumulating down under. Use your attachments and get all that dust and grime off those armrests and cushions.
  5. Empty the fridge: Who knows what could be lurking in the back corner of your bottom drawer. This is the perfect time to remove all the food and shelving in order to scrub out any questionable remnants.
  6. Scrub out your sinks: Hot water and soap is a great recipe for all of this.
  7. Clean out the grout on your stove top: Depending on the type you have, some research may want to be done on cleaning technique, but while you’re here, a toothbrush works great for gas, and you can find cleaning solution for ceramic at any grocery store. Also, while you’re working on that, you might as well run a self-cleaning cycle in the oven.
  8. Give the dishwasher a run without any dishes: Yes even your cleaning devices need to be cleaned out once in a while. Do this and add a cup of vinegar for best results.
  9. The ever menacing closet: Just take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok, you can do this! And when you’re finished you won’t believe how fantastic the results will make you feel. 


  1. Wash out your trash cans: Everyone knows that the contents of a garbage bag can get a bit disgusting. Over a period of time, spills and leaks can leave behind unwelcome residue, so make sure to do your best to cleanse your containers.
  2. Sweep out the garage floor: Dirty snow is a big culprit for causing this to be on the list. Snow sticks to the car, car goes in the garage, and snow melts. It ends up on the floor where the dirt stays, building up a messy mixture.
  3. Keep that broom out: Use it on your deck and porch for a quick way to straighten things up.
  4. Wipe down the outdoor furniture: Whether they’ve been kept in storage or not. A rag and some warm soapy water should restore its sheen.
  5. Mow the lawn on a high cut setting: This isn’t as much cleaning as it is setting up your lawn for a successful spring and summer of growing.

So that’s our Steelcoat Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Feel free to print it off and use it yourself, or add any other items we missed in the comments. Let us know if there are any topics you’d like to cover in the future-we love suggestions!