Showtime for Steelcoat®!

petoskeyplastics Media

This week’s most recent episode of The Affair on Showtime included a surprise for some of its watchers, and it didn’t have anything to do with a plot twist. During a short snippet of the episode one of the main protagonists could be seen rummaging through the drawers and cabinets in his kitchen. He can then be seen pulling out a blue box from the cupboard and that’s where things got a little crazy… It was a box of Steelcoat® Contractor bags!

A follower of the show already, our very own Nancy deFries, spotted it for us! “It was a split second,” she told me. “If I didn’t work here, I would have never noticed it was our Steelcoat® brand!”

A screenshot of the scene can be viewed below, but if you’d like to watch the video yourself you can watch on-demand by logging in through your cable or satellite provider if you already subscribe to the channel. Otherwise you can sign up for a free trial on