It’s Prime(r) Time

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Primer: the underappreciated little brother of the much more flamboyant and adored paint. Has anyone tuned into an episode of Property Brothers, or Fixer Upper where they actually mention their favorite type of primer, or discuss its purpose and importance? Paint gets all the hype because it can take a home and transform it by adjusting cmyk values, but without applying primer, paint can’t do its job.

If you are new to the paint world. primer is a liquid substance that readies a raw surface that paint will then be applied to. But what happens if you don’t apply a coat of primer first? Well it does not have a good result, that’s for sure. The possibilities are multi-faceted; one problem is that the drywall won’t seal. Priming drywall will coat and fill any holes or rough surfaces which otherwise would cause paint to dry and finish inconsistently. The absolute worst-case scenario is that the paint itself does not adhere, so unless you want to deal with peeling, you better use primer!

Now that you know primer is highly recommended for any paint job, is there a certain type or brand that you should use? To answer this question I would like to refer to a video by This Old House. Take a couple minutes and check it out before you start your painting job- it’ll be worth your time in the long run.