The Paint vs. Stain. Dilemma

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With election season heating up, we decided to have our own debate over here at Steelcoat. Although I can’t promise the fireworks of our most recent presidential face off, this discussion is incredibly relevant.

Paint or stain… it’s an age old home improvement dilemma to be facing. Furniture, outdoor spaces, and cabinets are just a few items that can completely transform the feel of a house. But how do you choose?

We can probably agree that one of the most important characteristics paint or stain can have is protection. These avenues offer resistance from things rain and other types of weather if you’re looking to use product outdoors. While stain soaks into the wood, and paint sits on top, both can help protect the items you’re looking to cover.

Paint on one hand can be a bit more expensive than stain is, and the process can be more time consuming because it requires the object to be primed before paint can be applied. However there is a larger amount of colors and shades available and paint tends to last longer before a new coat is needed.

When it comes to stain, it requires no priming and is very easily applied. While new coats are needed more often, reapplication is easier as well with minimal surface preparation. Stain is also great if you’re looking to keep the natural look or feel of the wood. The two general categories for stain are semi-transparent and opaque. While semi-transparent keeps the grain itself visible, the opaque variety covers up most of the visible grain, while still keeping the overall natural feel.

With a vast array of stain options from antique semi-transparent white to a rich dark chestnut, the question becomes, how adventurous do you want to be? Stick with enhancing the beauty of the wood grain, or go for something more modern and choose a paint to spice up a room? The choice is yours.

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