Your Easy Fall Lawn Care Checklist

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For many people, fall is an enjoyable time of year filled with pumpkin patches, hay rides, and sports. It also happens to be when people need to get their lawn ready for the following year. Performing lawn maintenance in the fall is the best way to get a picture-perfect yard next spring and summer. Below are five lawn care tasks to take care of before winter comes. 

  1. Pick up any debris and rake the lawn.

Fallen leaves, branches, and weeds can suffocate grass during winter months if not cleared properly before the cold weather. You can either shred leaves and other debris to use as mulch for young foliage or bag it up and recycle. Strong, durable, and environmentally-friendly, our Steelcoat® Lawn & Leaf bags are the perfect option to help you clear your yard before the snow falls. 

2. Prune trees and shrubs.

Fall is the time to trim any dead branches, shrubs, or other bushes. Cut back overgrown trees and foliage to ensure a clean start in the spring. It is also a good idea to prune and divide any perennials for next spring. 

3. Aerate and water the lawn.

Even during cooler weather, plants need water which is why it is extremely important to keep watering your lawn up until freezing temperatures. Making sure that the lawn is aerated as well will help keep water from pooling at the top and ensure more nutrients will reach the roots of the plants. 

4. Mow the lawn one last time.

Your grass might not be growing much right now, but it is still something that needs to be done before winter. Keep mowing the lawn until winter arrives. This will help the soil and grass dry out faster once warmer weather arrives and it also prevents snow mold from occurring. 

5. Protect the deck.

This last one may not directly be lawn-related, but it still very important to do before winter. Give your deck a good wash. Once it is dry apply a weatherproofing stain. This will protect it from moisture during the winter months and stave off mold and mildew