Steelcoat® White Page: How to Prep for Painting Walls

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Painting walls is a fairly easy way to switch up the look and feel of a home. Some people paint their own walls, while others may hire a professional to get the job done. And some happen to be the professionals who do the painting. Whoever you might be, we have some basic tips for prepping walls before you begin the painting process.

First, you need to move the furniture away from the walls. You can either remove the furniture from the room entirely, or just move it to the center and cover it with a protective film like our Steelcoat® Painter’s Plastic or Masking Film.

Then you’ll want to clean the walls. For most rooms, dusting and wiping down the walls with a towel will do. If the room you’re painting is a bathroom or kitchen, you’ll want to use some sort of solution to clean and disinfect. Make sure to remove any chipped paint with a paint scraper and to use sandpaper to smooth away any imperfections or remaining bumps.

Next, you’ll want to have everything you’ll need in order to paint. This includes the paint, primer, paint can opener, stir sticks, paint brushes (make sure you have an angled paint brush for hard-to-get-at corners), paint rollers (with an extension pole if you need it), paint trays, gloves, goggles, drop cloths, and cleaning materials.

Now that you have everything that you need and the walls have been prepped, it’s time to start painting!

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