Great Ways to Increase your Home’s ROI

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It’s safe to say that remodeling parts of a home has been a steady trend in the real estate sector. Since the renaissance of the DIYer, revamping a room and upgrading houses to get more bang for your buck has been a rather large part of the industry. Based off of media opinion, the hot spots for performing these makeovers seem to focus on the kitchen and bathroom. Nothing grabs the attention at an open house like a subway tile back splash or brand new dual vanity. However, what would you say if I told you that there were other updates that may actually bring you a larger amount of ROI? Remodeling magazine actually takes a look at some of these figures in their 2016 Cost vs. Value Report. Follow the link to see the entire report, or check out my highlights below.

Did you know that the most valuable item in your home that can be upgraded is in your attic? I’ll give you a chance to guess what it could be. It’s actually insulation. According to the cost and value report the cost recovered from performing a task for this nationwide would be 116.9% on average nationwide.

Following insulation is stone veneer which averages a 92.9% ROI. Coming in third is a mid-sized garage door replacement with a 91.9% return. Rounding out the top five are the addition of a steel entry door and an upscale garage door replacement at 91.5% and 91.1% respectively.

As you can see from this list, cosmetic upgrades are important, however that seems to apply more to the idea of curb appeal than the inside of a home.

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