How to Use Trash Bags for your Move

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Moving can be stressful, but there is a product in your house that can make it a lot easier. Trash bags are a versatile and cost-efficient resource that can help you save time during your move.

Here are a few ways to pack like a pro with trash bags.

Cover clothing. Instead of taking all your shirts and pants off hangers, folding them, and stuffing them in boxes, just group a section of your closet and put the clothes in a trash bag. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to keep the clothes hanging and pull the trash bag up around them. Then, stretch the ties around the hanger to keep the bag up. This method works best for shirts and other short articles of clothing that won’t bunch at the bottom of the bag. The second method is accomplished by poking a hole in the bottom of the trash bag and sliding the bag down the clothes to imitate a garment bag. This way will allow longer pieces of clothing to stick out of the bottom and avoid wrinkling. Either way you choose, your clothes can go back into the closet of your new home with minimal effort

Gather garments. For all your other pieces of clothing that aren’t hanging up, you can put those in a trash bag too. Bagging socks, pajamas, and belts reduces the number of boxes you will need. Group your clothes accordingly, and don’t forget to label! When it is time to load up the moving truck, the trash bags will be easier to pack compared to bulky, rigid boxes.

Store shoes. Figuring out how to pack up footwear is a pain. Have a designated shoe bag instead of spending time trying to fit all your pairs into boxes. Bagging your shoes will keep all the dirt and grime on them off your other belongings.

Load up linens. Lightweight blankets, sheets, towels, and pillows only need to be folded and put in a trash bag. After a long day of moving, you will be glad to have all your linens in an easily accessible place.

Transport toys. You don’t need to spend your time splitting up small items like toys into different boxes. Keep all toys in one bag to avoid having to root through multiple boxes later on just to find one specific toy.

Pack plants. Another hassle of moving is making sure your plants make it to your new home safely. You can use smaller bags to cover the pots and keep dirt and soil from spilling. Be mindful to only bag the pots and not the whole plant to avoid damaging leaves or restricting airflow. Use larger bags to act as padding between plants and avoid damage to breakable pots from bumpy roads.

Protect plates. As with your plants, you can use trash bags to protect your dishware by placing smaller bags between plates. This cushioning will keep your plates from rubbing against each other and creating scratches. You will be happy to avoid chipping and cracking with this simple step. After you’ve unpacked, reuse any trash bags that are in good condition.

Don’t trust just any trash bag to get the job done — use durable and strong Steelcoat trash bags to ensure your belongings make it to their destination safely. To meet your needs, Steelcoat trash bags come in a wide range of gallon sizes. Our product line starts at the smallest 4-gallon bag all the way up to our extra-large 55-gallon drum liner. Closure types include the standard drawstring, twist tie, and flap tie.

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