Great Ways to Increase Your Home’s ROI in 2021

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Garage door replacement ranks #1 when thinking about the highest ROI repairs that can be done for a home.

Home remodeling was a steady trend before the pandemic, and it hit new heights while everyone was staying home. Although many homeowners and renters have made renovations already, there still might be a few key changes that will help your home’s return on investment (ROI).

Remodeling Magazine’s 2021 Cost vs. Value report places a garage door replacement at the top of your to-do list. Often a garage can be a big part of a home’s first impression. An updated, functional door will certainly do wonders. Following closely behind is adding a manufactured stone veneer. Siding can also make or break a home’s look; buyers like artificial stone siding to add a bit of texture to the house. Third, on the list is a minor kitchen remodel. A great kitchen is a must-have for many, so what can you do for “minor” renovations? Consider installing kitchen cabinets, adding touchless faucets, or giving the room a warmer color.

The yearly Cost vs. Value report “tracks the ratio of value over cost for 22 common remodeling projects.” The 2021 list covers indoor projects like kitchen remodels (minor and major), bathroom remodels and additions, and master suite updates. The report also features external suggestions for window replacements, entryway updates, and deck additions.

These big tasks can recover most of the cost and increase your home’s value on the market. Outside cosmetic fixes on your home will help you bump up curb appeal, while internal updates will make buyers fall in love during home tours.

You can recover about 94% of the cost of replacing your garage door or around 92% with a manufactured stone veneer. A minor kitchen remodel lands around 72% of the cost recovered. Don’t worry about getting started on these projects, though. The Steelcoat website posts many helpful how-tos like picking a paint color or preventing paint from bubbling.

Whether you’re a professional in this industry or not, remodeling projects always yield some type of mess. Make sure to check out the Steelcoat® line of products before you jump into any home improvement endeavor to help keep your workspace clean and protected! For more ideas and tips, stay up to date with our blogs by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.