Five Ways to Keep Your Job Site Clean

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Despite the understandably cluttered nature of construction and renovation jobs, a good contractor knows that keeping the job site clean is a priority. A construction site that lacks organization can be messy and dangerous for workers and anyone else around the area. By ensuring that a site is as clean as possible, post-construction clean-up becomes faster, easier, and safer.

Clean up regularly– Cleaning regularly is one of the best ways to maximize efficiency and safety on your construction site. Because of the nature of construction, things are going to get messy. However, taking a few minutes to clean up after one task before moving on to another means less clean-up at the end. It also minimizes the materials onsite that could cause accidents or injuries. 

Make safety a priority– A job site can quickly become dangerous if there is a lack of order and organization. When there is no set cleaning routine, potentially harmful materials like nails, sharp tools, and hazardous debris can be left lying around. It is important to take care of those items and tools as you go. Inform your team on what their role is when cleaning up and encourage them to tidy their supplies and area before moving on to a new task. Additionally, having an employee on the site in charge of general clean-up can help keep the area safe and the project on track.

Cover furnishings and floors– If the construction site is inside a building like an office or home, covering furniture and floors can prevent most renovation mishaps. For example, using our Steelcoat® Painter’s Plastic and Plastic Sheeting to protect surfaces like floors and furnishings can prevent paint and dust from getting onto them during the renovation. This small action can boost your professional image and increase your client’s satisfaction with the job.

Have multiple waste disposal areas– If the job site is small, like a one-room renovation, then having a few clearly marked containers for waste would be sufficient. If the job site is much larger than that, make sure that you have many clearly labeled waste disposal containers and areas throughout the construction site. This is an important step in keeping the job site safe and clean. It should be simple for employees to recognize where to put recycling, trash, and scrap material. The disposable areas should be easily accessible to avoid having people walking across the job sites to discard waste from their tasks. This not only helps avoid accidents by preventing too many people from walking around, but it also increases efficiency. Convenience and simplicity are key when it comes to keeping waste taken care of at job sites.

Hire a reputable contractor– If you are not a contractor and are looking to hire one, make sure you hire someone known for being responsible and professional. Any good contractor will know and understand how important a clean job site is. It is a smart practice to research your contractors and shop around so you can pick the best one for your job. Utilize networks online and in your life to find which contractors have done good work for others.

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