DIY Summer Slip and Slide with Steelcoat Sheeting

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Summer is here, which means it’s time to break out sprinklers, pools, and slip-and-slides. Instead of going for a costly product, try creating your own slip-and-slide for an extra-long and extra-fun experience. You’ll never want to buy another slip-and-slide after you read just how easy they are to make!

Where to start?

Location. Find an open area or hill that you can set up on. Once you have your location set, then you can start preparing to create your slip-and-slide. 

Supply run. You’ll need thick plastic sheeting to act as the slide. We recommend our 4 mil or 6 mil sheets that can come in a variety of lengths! Next, add some sort of stake or pins to your shopping list. A few pool noodles are optional but recommended. And finally, you’ll need some tear-free shampoo and a water source.

Set up. Unroll your sheeting and decide on the length and width you want the slide to be. Ensure the space is clear of any sticks, roots, or debris that could cause harm the anyone enjoying the fun.

Pool noodles. If you want to add a barrier between the sheeting and the grass, you can roll pool noodles into the side to act as a bumper. Doing this will keep more water on the sheet and hide the pins you will use to secure the sheeting. A pool noodle can also get added at the end to help the sliders slow down

Stake. To keep the sheeting from moving around or getting bunched up, use garden pins or stakes to secure it to the lawn. Make sure that the stakes are completely hammered down so they do not cause any injury. Put the stakes through any pool noodles you might have added to avoid anyone sliding over them.

Slip. Set up your water source like a hose or sprinkler to run down the sheeting. Make sure the entire surface is covered in water. Add tear-free shampoo to act as a lubricant that will help the sliders on their way down.

Slide. Do some test runs and fine-tune. Now you’re ready to enjoy the rest of the day! Consider adding inflatable tubes or boogie boards to make the slide even more fun.

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