Benefits of Multilayer Painter’s Plastic Over Monolayer

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Is there really a difference in performance between multilayer painter’s plastic and monolayer? The answer is yes, there is. Multilayer painter’s plastic has added benefits over monolayer and performs better overall.

Our Steelcoat® painter’s plastic is unique in that it has three layers of high density plastic that give it superior properties, such as added strength and easier clean up. Using a multilayer design instead of a monolayer creates a product with increased flexibility while maximizing strength and performance.

The multiple layers in our painter’s plastic allows each layer to have its own distinctive characteristics. Made with Grip-N-Guard® technology, the superior cling properties on the inside layer help keep it in place with little taping required. It also makes it easier for one person to unfold and install. The outside layer acts like a vacuum, pulling peat, dust, and paint out of the air and onto the plastic rather than on the floor or other uncovered areas.

In addition, our painter’s plastic is flake resistant. That means once the paint dries on the plastic, it won’t flake off when it comes time to take the plastic off the walls, furniture, and floors, which ultimately means less clean up time.

In summary, yes, multilayer painter’s plastic is actually better than monolayer. Our Steelcoat® painter’s plastic in particular means less cleanup time, lower costs, and higher profits. Its ease of use and unique product characteristics appeal to both the DIY consumer and professional contractors.

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