5 Helpful Tips When Installing New Kitchen Cabinets

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Installing new kitchen cabinets can be tricky. You have to make sure all of the cabinets are plumb and level, sometimes shimming and cutting to make them fit better. A savvy DIYer will probably have no problem installing their own kitchen cabinets. However, it is much easier and less time consuming to hire a professional who knows what they are doing. No matter who you are, professional or DIY, we have some quick, helpful tips for installing new kitchen cabinets. 

  1. Plan the Space – Before you even start ordering cabinets, it is important to know what the plan is. Is the layout of the kitchen staying the same? Are appliances moving? It is imperative to know where plumbing, sinks, appliances, and electric will be located. Make sure you know the cabinet placements and then go from there. 
  • Protect Furniture & Appliances – Removing and installing cabinets can make a mess. Dust and debris can get on kitchen appliances, furniture, and flooring. Protect everything before the construction begins by using Steelcoat®’s extensive line of plastic sheeting and masking film. 
  • Take Off Doors & Drawers Before Installation – Cabinets usually come with the doors attached and drawers installed but trust us on this one, it will make the cabinets so much lighter and easier to handle if you take off the doors and pull out the drawers before installation.
  • Start with the Uppers – Hanging wall cabinets before base cabinets has a couple of benefits. First, it is easier to use a step ladder to hang the uppers if there are no base cabinets in the way. Secondly, since the base cabinets have not been installed, there is no worry about potentially damaging the finish or safety concerns when reaching over them. 
  • Find the High Spot – Floors are not always level, especially in older homes. Floor height variations can be corrected by shimming base cabinets or cutting down the toe-kick. This will keep all of the cabinets perfectly level with each other. 

We hope you found these tips helpful! Come back for more tips, guides, industry news, trends, and updates!